Face Painting at your Wonderful Yorkshire Wedding 2020

Face Painting in Hull and Yorkshire for wedding entertainment

Face Painting at Wedding
Face Painting at Wedding

We absolutely love a good wedding here a Fantastic Faces Hull.

We face paint at weddings all across Yorkshire – not only for the children’s wedding entertainment during the day but we bring the party to life after the Wedding breakfast as your evening guests arrive for your night-do. 

We bring our face paints, Henna, Glitter Gems, Eye Gems and Glitter Bar to really give you and your guests the VIP treatment.

The bride has the choice of designs that we discuss on consultation so whether it be a BOHO themed festival wedding or an elegant classic bridal design – our artists can wow you and make you look and feel incredible.

Your guests are our priority- we create beautiful and elegant designs that match the outfits of your wedding guests. It’s a Unique and Funky way for your evening entertainment to set the party mood. 

Not only that but they can all look sparkly and fabulous (we love to match the design to the outfit)
All of our designs are created using vegan friendly paints and eco friendly glitter!
For up to 100 guests we have a few packages available- so let me know which you would prefer. 
Sparkling Silver: A beautiful combination of Paint Station and Glitter Bar- The light up Glitter Bar adds a touch of glamour and makes your guests feel fabulous!
Glorious Gold: Really Treat your Guests to the VIP Treatment with Glitter, Face Gems and Paint-including large arm designs and chest/neck florals. 
Platinum Package: All of the above and two painters are on hand to Paint and Glitter and Gem your guests to their heart’s content for up to 3 hours!
So why would you want a face painter at your wedding?
To make your guests truly sparkle!
Send us an email to secure your date!
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Planning your perfect party: A step-by-step checklist guide to an amazing event

Fantastic Faces-Face Painting Experts in Hull and East Yorkshire

Face Painting Party!
Face Painting Party!

Here at Fantastic Faces HQ – We love a good party!

Seeing the little monsters so happy on their special day – what could be better?

The big question is… where do you start? 

Take the guesswork out of your planning with our easy-to-follow party planning checklist. Our venue experts have set out the essential steps to help you host a memorable event without breaking a sweat. Leave the stress behind with our comprehensive party planning checklist and let’s get the party started!

Perfect Party Planning Checklist:

A month before, or even more:

It’s a Date

You have to look at what works best for your family and friends – Prices can be more affordable during the week, however, not everyone can attend a weeknight party. 

Select a date and time that is manageable for you. Remember, if you want to plan it around a meal time to factor in the food budget. If you have special guests (friends and family to help you manage – be sure to check if they are available. Be flexible with your dates – check with the Venues and Entertainment. Once you know that all are available, you have the date that works for you!


Decide on a Theme

Who is your mini obsessed with? Are they Mermaid mad? Is everything they own Utterly unicorn? Are they wanting a jungle safari experience? Check in with the entertainment – they may be able to make special arrangements. Here at Fantastic Faces, we offer special themed Face Painting for all birthday party packages in Hull and East Yorkshire – and sometimes even further afield.


Plan Your Guestlist

Begin deciding whether you would like a full class party of just something a little more intimate. As your child gets older, you will notice they develop closer friendship groups, so ask them who they like to play with! It is important to be aware that the turnout is usually around 75% of invited guests.


Determine Your Budget

Plan out your cost per guest, remember to factor in: Venue Hire, Entertainment, Party Bags, DJ, Food and Drink, Cake Decorations, Party Games, Bouncy Castles and of course Face Painting(!), etc. 

A little saving throughout the year can make this all perfectly manageable! 

Remember, sometimes thinking outside the box and using DIY decorations and cakes can be better than using shop bought ones!


Home or Away?

If you have enough space and don’t mind a morning of madness-  why not brave the party at home? It could save you heaps on venue hire and allow you to put on a great spread – plus, your child will be comfortable in their surroundings and can enjoy the fun with their friends. Alternatively, organise a venue and let them deal with the food – mess and clean up – no sticky fingers on your new curtains!


Book in your Extras!

Why not book a party host or entertainer to keep the party running and moving the kids from game to game – perfect if you’re not the most confident mumma – pass the reins to someone else and you can be the hostess with the mostess while the kid enjoy the fun. Have you got an iPod or would you prefer to have a DJ sorting games and tunes!


Food Glorious Food!

Check any dietary requirements or allergies. If it’s you being Nigella, create a finger food menu that’s easy to prepare or alternatively ask for local caterer recommendations. 


Invite your guests

Your invitations should include the date and time, venue, dress code, and party theme. You can pass them to a class teacher or invite select parents by text. In addition to paper invitations, you could also create a special event page on social media, such as Facebook. 


Ask for help

Get your best mum friends and family to sign up for jobs on the day – who can be packing party bags, and who is a star baker? Delegation is your friend! Check with the venue (if you have one) who is your go to member of staff.


Three weeks before:

Pinterest Mama!

Check any boards or pins that give you inspo on food and decor! Remember you don’t have to be a perfectionist, but it might inspire you for some themed foods you wouldn’t have thought of.


Plan Plan Plan

Come up with rough timings for the day – remember it is only (usually) 2 hours – Half an hour is food time and the rest is play – Face Painting and Bouncy Castles usually are enough entertainment with the odd pass the parcel thrown in!


My Friend Amazon Prime

Order the favours – any little decorations (and gifts) for your little one – don’t forget the wrapping paper and sellotape!


A week before:

Check in with guests – make a list of who is coming and give the ones who still need to RSVP a nudge to confirm your numbers.

Finish DIY projects

Get that paper mache pinata done! There’s no point in it being half finished in a corner two weeks after the party is done!


Make a party playlist

The last thing you want is your internet signal going off or YouTube adds in the middle of pass the parcel. Make a kid friendly playlist – get them to help with some of their favourite tunes.

Confirm with Bookings

Check the cake, venue and entertainment are good to go!

Speak to the neighbours

If you are partying at home – just let the neighbours know that there’ll be two hours of madness!

Bring them a slice of cake after to soften the blow.

The day before:

Pick up any last minute bits – that gluten free cupcake!

Charge your Camera

Make sure you charge your camera and delegate an artsy relative to get the best shots.

On the day:

Decorate Baby!

Create beautiful decor – remember balloons aren’t very friendly to the environment, so think of different ways to decorate! Recyclable paper chains – Set out the tables for food and a table for presents – check if the Entertainment need any chairs or tables too!

Get your speakers and music playlists ready to go!

Let the good times roll!

Welcome your guests – get the parents a drink and introduce them while the children play!


Relax and Enjoy

You have done all the hard work – enjoy watching your little one have the best day!

Avoid opening presents on the day and be sure to thank your guests, venues and helpers!

You’ve earned it!



Have you got any top tips for us?

We would love to include them in our next blog post.

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